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  (1) 16/24/32 channel frame size. (2) Mic preamp and precision equalization circuity. (3) True 7-bus architecture. (4) 2 stereo inputs, 2 stereo returns. (5) Channel direct outputs / Talkback facility. (6) 100mm faders. (7) +48 phantom power. (8) 6 Aux sends, 4 of which are pre/post switchable. (9) 18 dB/octave high pass filter. (10) Group and mix inserts. (11) 12-segment LED metering.   
  Channel  16 channel, 4 group 
  Frequency Response +0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  T.H.D. & Noise(All measurements at +10dBu output 30dB gain)  
  XLR input to Direct output <0.007% @1kHz
  XLR input to Mix output <0.008% @1kHz
  Mic Input E.I.N.  
  22Hz-22kHz bandwidth, unweighted <-128dBu(150 Ohm source)
  Bus Noise  
  Mix output, input faders @ -µ, Mix fader 0dB <-88dBu
  Grp output, input faders @ -µ, Grp fader 0dB <-88dBu
  Aux output, input sends @ -µ, Aux master 0dB <-91dBu
  Crosstalk @ 1kHz  
  Input channel Muting >98dB
  Input fader cutoff >98dB
  Input pan pot isolation >82dB
  Mix routing isolation >98dB
  Group routing isolation >98dB
  Adjacent channel isolation >100dB
  Group-Mix crosstalk <-84dB
  Aux send off <-94dB
  EQ (Mono Input)  
  HF 12kHz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
  Hi-Mid 550Hz-13kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1
  Lo-Mid 80Hz-1.9kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1
  LF 80Hz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
  Power Consumption  
  Universal Mains Input 85V~270v AC, 50/60Hz.
  Power Consumption 60W
  Power /
  Weight 18.2kg
  Packing Dimensions 74X62X31cm

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